He said the city was keeping itself in a healthy financial position, but that there were a number of efficiency gains that staff will look at in the coming months. One of the most powerful Presidents of the Council in Perth pointed out to me in 2015 „… The role of a CEO is never sure !!! ». Nor should it be if the city can`t get value for money. „In addition to the annual salary and salary increases under the staff agreement, the additional staff costs incurred beyond the adopted budget were mainly due to additional temporary workers needed to prepare for the reform process and a change in the way the city provides annual staff leave in their annual accounts,“ she said. Business agreements can be tailored to the needs of some companies. An agreement should be overall better for an employee when compared to the corresponding bonuses or rewards. Dr. Nahan said the cost to employees was higher than the city`s revenues. The biggest jumps came in 2012, when the city added nearly $6 million to its employee budget and $6.2 million in 2014.

However, Canning`s first board in years has the opportunity to financially steer the city in a whole new direction and set new priorities, with the CEO`s contract to be renewed in June. A fresh start, a new board, new priorities, a new CEO promises a more affordable future for Canning than what we see today, and perhaps we can bring newer blood to the executive. Its staling and/or a little too predictable, that is, Some directors have been there for years, one way or another, or have no degrees, or are planners, but now responsible for the new division, economic development, change of consulting – seems not to be much private experience among them, certainly not new, and when our director of corporate services recently became CEO of the City of Albany Position, the former deputy CEO ended up there, also corporate director, in ours, in more or less. It`s time to open the doors, perhaps? Riverton member Mike Nahan expressed concern about the increases, but Canning`s general manager, Lyn Russell, said the city was a competitive employer to keep the most qualified staff. Today, sustainability means almost nothing. It`s a word that is injected into everything, but as part of a whole, it tends to fade in sense and value, as much time as we continue with Business as usual… But Canning took it as if it were some kind of golden child when, under the previous council, the practical benefits of solar panels and geothermal energy from our recreational facilities have already been claimed (Western Power Expert, former Mayor Delle Donne, suggested that the city rent its large roofs for commercial solar activities, so that it had no liabilities such as solar technologies replaced and had to replace the land in just 10 years.