All devices must be returned in the same condition as the one they were loaned to. Benefactors who do not comply with this directive will no longer be able to verify equipment and costs related to any damages will be added to the guarantor`s account in the future. The kits are only considered returned when all the elements of the case have been returned. The fee charged per kit is $1 per day and the kit must be returned personally to an employee of the Klamath County Library. Replacement fees are charged to borrowers if the item is not returned within 30 days of maturity. A $5 fee will be charged to borrowers for returns to the book drop, in addition to replacement fees for any damages. The borrower is responsible for the correct return of the device and components. If you do not return any of the items, the cardholder`s account will be charged for the cost of replacing the equipment. Information on replacement costs can be found in the article`s credit directive. Note: Devices must be reset to factory settings before returning to the library. Keep in mind that many of the services accessible by these devices may require personal information and/or credit card authorizations. In addition, many services include automatic renewal guidelines that automatically charge a subscription fee at the end of a free first trial period. It is the benefactor`s responsibility to ensure that unwanted subscriptions are terminated.

The device reset does not cancel subscriptions registered for device use. The library is not responsible for the financial obligations that may be imposed on a benefactor when using these devices. Borrowers immediately notify library members of damaged or missing parts. Devices must be reset before returning to the library. Klamath County Library Service District Equipment Borrowing Agreement Conditions may be 18 years of age or older and must hold a valid adult library card from the Klamath County Library Service District. Devices cannot be operated with a restricted service account.