You`ll find the „Ground“ part of your contract by following express Pricing pages and international minimum charts, if any. Like Express Domestic prices, FedEx will first introduce your basic weight sector discounts (which will be called weight discounts in the future), followed by Earned discounts. Sometimes ground and Home Delivery discounts are presented separately, but newer agreements are combined with weight and salary discounts and are streamlined for both services. Some previous agreements contained a separate base discount, which should be added to both the weight discounts and the earned discount, but this initial base discount is extremely rare in recent years, FedEx now simply includes it in their weight discounts. Learn more about FindLaw`s newsletter, including our terms of use and privacy policies. As we said in the UPS article, all transportation services are subject to a minimum fee, that is.dem zone 2 rate for mail, Pak or a pound on national services. Minimum discounts make discounts for less weight shipments more sensible, and your FedEx agreement includes minimum discounts for domestic express shipments. Depending on the format of the contract, they are found at the same time as the basic discounts for previous agreements and, at the end of the Express section, more recent agreements. Last month, we reviewed the UPS contract and how you should interpret your current UPS agreement or a new proposal.

For September, we will review the standard FedEx Small Parcel agreement. FedEx agreements are somewhat less labyrinthine than THOSE of UPS, but more complex in others. Some shippers may use FedEx`s SmartPost service, which consists of USPS for last-mile deliveries. While service levels vary across regional networks and even individual drivers, the industry generally recognizes that SUREPost is considered by UPS to be a superior service compared to SmartPost. To accommodate this, fedEx will generally offer more aggressive discounts and minimum discounts on their SmartPost prices, usually depending on soil and home delivery sections, with separate weight reductions and earned discounts for on-air shipping and books. While UPS SurePost discounts typically lose their base discounts on 9 lbs, FedEx will sometimes extend their weight-based discounts up to 70 lbs. (Note that the SmartPost network has no shipments of more than 70 lbs.) accepted. Some special shippers receive separate prices for SmartPost returns or on printed and related products. As with the Express agreement, you will find all definitions or minimum reductions for Ground, Home Delivery or SmartPost below their discounts earned in previous agreements and are grouped in a section at the bottom of the ground agreement (before accessory contracts) in some recent agreements. Last but not least, we need to review the mbG/GSR terms of your agreement. While UPS generally does not contain a language related to Guaranteed Service Measures (GSR), unless there is a specific waiver, each separate FedEx agreement contains its own vocabulary for moneyback guarantee (MBG) claim.

This means that there is a clause in your express agreement, another clause in your growth agreement and additional clauses for your export or import agreements if you have separate agreements for these services. Any MBG clause may vary, so you may be entitled to MBGs on your ground and import services, but you waive the right to submit them for Domestic Express and export.