To be effective, the donation must be the following formalities: If you are thinking about concluding this agreement and you have questions to resolve, please consult our experts. The donation contract may be revoked. These reasons for retraction are: After defining what the donation contract is, we explain the types of donation and their different characteristics. Under this agreement, a person (donor) transfers part or all of his or her assets free of charge to another (scholar). Depending on the type of donation, we find the following methods: The donation contract can be very useful if you want to offer something valuable to a person. This transfer can be registered in the real estate register and does not require any payment. In this guide, we tell you what types of donations are made and how they are made. Acceptance is a critical element. The reason is that, according to our law, no one can be enriched against his will. If there is no acceptance, the donation cannot be formalized.

Use our donation contract template to make your donation. But first, you can find out about all the options available by reading these simple instructions. Therefore, any donation contract is subject to these conditions: unlike the sale by sale, the only condition for the transfer of the property is the acceptance of the fellow (who receives the property). That is why it is known as an act of liberality. In other words, there is no economic compromise for the donor.