I deducted 9.23% of my current gross salary and put them in the SCO calculator. (Left my federal and regional exemptions and age code as they are now). The official sco payment machine is terrible. It`s so complicated. I am a relatively young man who knows the technology, and I have not been able to get it for my life, to accurately reflect my paycheck. The ratification of the interim agreement by members will take place on Thursday, October 29 from 11 a.m. and will end at 2 p.m. Our negotiating team, made up of colleagues from CCLS, recommends a „yes“ vote to accept the attempt agreement. Pending the outcome of the members` vote, the preliminary agreement will then be voted on by the CCLS Board of Directors for approval. Just use the Paycheck calculator. It is SCO`s and works better.

We already know how much they take (9.23%), to process this FIRST before making your gross in (multiply your base X 0.0923). Do not add it under voluntary deductions. The 9.23% also seems to be deducted from our salaries after the SSA, not before what is written in the letter agreement. This event is for members and their families, so please sign up here to participate! www.seiu1000.org/post/womens-empowerment-committee-3 Our vote is done online at your email address. Only members wholly subject to payment have the right to vote on the provisional agreement. If you are not a current member or if you are not sure, register here to become a member: www.seiu521.org/membership. To avoid an interim vote, you must apply for membership by Tuesday, October 27, 2020 before 19:00. Overall, the computer normally gives you your salary with each SSA, then withdraws the 9.23% after the addition of the SSA, then adds ONLY the health grant, but does not reinstate the blocking of the OPEB in your paycheck. If you use the computer, make sure you re-enter your OPEB deductions because the machine does NOT do DIEs today, we welcome former and current members of the armed forces – army, navy, air, navy and coast guard – and their families for their service and commitment to our country.

SEIU members, the organization`s leaders and our partners sent 80 million texts, phoned 39 million people and knocked on more than 2 million doors. They would prefer to spend $180 million on Prop 22 to deprive drivers of basic protections. Vote NO on prop 22! Companies such as Uber and Lyft have abandoned workers who allow their business, while shifting costs to taxpayers. Be with the workers and help them get the benefits they need to support themselves and their families. Vote NO on prop 22! My net salary is only $60.52 less than it is now. It`s true? Am I calculating? It is not as big as expected. June Gross Salary .9077 – 260 – July Gross Salary (1) Offering a Quality Education (2) Help our municipalities work (3) Help the good jobs of quality and salary the $260 comes as a separate payment, just so you know. It will not be included in your regular monthly salary.