While they had originally planned for such a relationship, the ensuing litigation would certainly have deteriorated the relationship and doomed any chance of a functional relationship to failure over the next twelve months. A given benefit is ordered at the discretion of the Tribunal if damages do not remedy the entire situation or if a given benefit becomes „more perfect and complete“. . 1. That claim is favoured by the applicant and is the result of an action for the actual performance of a contract for the renewal of a lease concluded in interest by the predecessor. Concrete execution of the contract of renewal of the lease and its prayer takes place as follows: That against the defendants a decree for one pattah in favor of the plaintiff for ten. Renewal of the lease and it is indicated that he has requested an extension at equal rent for a period of ten years. On the other hand, the defendant claimed a rent of Rs 12 per month. That`s f. Although a contract of sale for the purchase of a detached house is linked to a given service, a rental agreement has different considerations.

The first element of the concrete benefit depends on whether the remedy (the payment of money) is sufficient to remedy the injustice. In a buying situation, each home is considered unique and there are other considerations that can make the money insufficient to compensate for the loss of a family home. If a home is purchased, the buyer may be able to live in the home for the rest of their life. . automatic renewal of the rental contract for a period of fifty years by the simple exercise of their option. Since the tenant has breached the obligations arising from the rental agreement, the defendant is not entitled to the …, the following points to be declared in this appeal:“1. .