5.4.2 Intui.travel is required to replace the vehicle with a vehicle of the same category in the event of a breakdown of the vehicle. Our agency offers a wide range of packages, including the following: 5.4.3 In case of delay of the transfer mentioned in paragraph 3. this contract allows the partner to recover Intui.travel interest equivalent to 0.1% of the amount due for each day of delay, but not more than 10% of the actual amount of the Intui.travel exposure. For the notification of orders and the reservation of orders, the partner sends requests and notifications to the addresses indicated on the site or in the form of the request published on the site. Even Intui.travel can also add the same message from the messaging support@intui.travel 3.3.6 Intui.travel has the right to change the prices and conditions of use of the transfer without notice. The new tariffs and rules replace the existing tariffs and the rules in force and are accessible to the public and published on the Intui.travel website. This partnership will be valuable and beneficial for both parties. XYZ wants to offer our services to your tourism industry. We have prepared a proposal with all the details and we would be delighted with your comments on this. The Pivacy Directive is established on en.intui.travel/privacy_policy/ ID-Tourism, based in Paris (France), and collaborates with tour operators and travel agents from CETO, SNAV and ATES. In collaboration with tour operators, travel agencies and national professional associations in France, ID Tourism has the competence to link European projects to French destinations. PayPal The commission of the payment system is paid by the beneficiary of the payment in accordance with the rates provided for in the agreement between the polisher and PayPal. .

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