All CUPE members work under the protection of a contract called a collective agreement. Your local negotiates the terms of the agreement. Elected local union leaders also work with the employer to resolve issues in the workplace. The nurses also received a jointly funded COLA fund for all health care workers covered by the Health Care Employees Retirement Plan (HEPP). Contributions to the COLA Fund will start in 2014 and cola will be paid in 2018. Now that the votes on the representation of healthy people are over, there will be a transition period for all unions and employers. Here`s what you need to know: „Two-tier pension plans are unfair to future plan members and disproportionately affect newcomers or young people in the workforce who are just starting their careers in health care in Manitoba.“ „Brian Pallister has pushed ideological cuts in public services and is trying to do so by violating our constitutional right to collective bargaining,“ said Abe Araya, President of CUPE Manitoba. „Pallister lost in court today, but the fight against his austerity policies is not over yet.“ Some benefits enjoyed by UNM members are not included in the collective agreement, but are granted through joint pension and benefits fiduciary committees: negotiations can then begin, using the designated hospitality agreement as a basis. CUPE 500 negotiates and manages fourteen collective agreements and has approximately 5,000 members. Our bargaining units range from one member to about 5,000 in the City of Winnipeg. CUPE is fighting government cuts to health care.

„The plan changes announced today could force some health care workers to delay or change their pension plans, creating an unnecessary separation between existing members and the next generation of health care workers,“ said Shannon McAteer, CUPE Health Coordinator. In the new year, please pay attention to stewards and local representatives at your workplace, more news from the health sector and information about the bargaining process. „Health care workers work tirelessly every day to support the health and well-being of Manitobans,“ said McAteer. „A strong corporate pension plan like the PPES is critical to recruiting and retaining health care workers in Manitoba, and with so much uncertainty in health care these days, it`s unfortunate that health care workers now have something else to worry about.“ If you have questions about your rights at work, the best person to talk to is your steward or local leader. .